2022/06/23 2022/06/25 TABA members participated in Food Taipei Mega Shows !

From June 22 to 25, the Food Taipei Mega Shows, Biotechnology Pharmaceutical Equipment Exhibition, and Packaging Industry Exhibition held at the Nangang Exhibition Center can be said to be a major event in June this year. Ten members participated in the exhibition, and there were also two friendly countries with close ties to TABA, the Kingdom of Swatini and Nigeria.

I met the new ambassador H.E. Ambassador Msibi at the Shiguo Pavilion and warmly greeted the visitors to taste Shiguo's food. He took the opportunity to mention to the ambassador that he would visit next Wednesday, and he warmly welcomed him.

I met my old friend, Honorable Ibrahim Ahmed, Director of Nigerian Commercial Office in China, at the Nigerian booth next door. He was very happy and enthusiastic to introduce some unique Nigerian food spices. Looking at the beautifully printed product descriptions on display, It can be felt that he has worked very hard in the past few years after taking over. He has set up a cultural and propaganda group to make great efforts to promote the trade between the two countries. He also informed that a Nigerian business group will come to Taiwan in August, and he hopes to communicate with TABA members at that time. Business.

The member booths of TABA exhibitors are scattered on four floors of two halls separated by one street. They arrived at the venue one by one for nearly three hours to cheer for them. I look forward to the day when the epidemic is no longer disturbing, and we will all go to Africa together. Work hard!

Note: Many companies exhibiting on the first floor of Hall 2 sampleed a selection of different food. I hope this is an incentive to give everyone the motivation to go to the exhibition and cheer for our exhibiting partners!

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