2022/06/02 2022.05.31 Visit Mr. Ibrahim Akopari Ahmed of Nigeria Trade Office in Taiwan,ROC.

On the afternoon of May 31st, Chairman Huang Huamin, together with Chairman Ouyang Yu of ANKO Food Machinery Co., Ltd., went to visit Ibrahim A. Ahmed, Director of Nigeria Trade Office in Taiwan, ROC.. This trip was mainly for the Taiwan Africa Business Association. (TABA) and the Food Machinery Association will jointly hold a food machinery exhibition and briefing session at ANKO Food Machinery Co., Ltd. on July 28. As the host, Chairman Ouyang (who is also a TABA member) will invite Ahmed in person. Chang attended the event as a VIP.

Director Ahmed learned that ten food machinery manufacturers will showcase their unique products, and asked in detail what kind of pasta snacks and even dessert cakes can be made by these machinery and equipment using the local agricultural crops in Nai. Delighted and excited, I think it will help the development of the country's food processing industry, keep taking notes, and even ask if there is any equipment for fish processing, etc. I can't wait to visit these foods before July 28 Machinery and equipment manufacturers, Chairman Ouyang told him that there will be many food machinery manufacturers participating in the Taipei International Food Exhibition from June 26 to 28. He will have the opportunity to get to know these manufacturers first. Director Ahmed also informed that the Nigeria Trade Office in Taiwan, ROC. will also will be exhibiting. It is clear that we have successfully found business opportunities for the relevant member companies.

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Based on the two meetings in the morning and afternoon today, as well as the inspiration given by the online meeting of the Economic and Trade Union a few days ago, TABA can continue to promote similar product demonstrations in the future. TABA is a market-oriented association, and its member companies come from different professional fields. The product exhibition on July 28 will display "food machinery and equipment", and the next one can be "medical equipment", or "automobile accessories", "Rubber and plastic products", "computer 3C products", "agricultural equipment and technology", etc., each briefing session can invite African envoys and representatives in Taiwan to participate, and take the initiative to let them know which Taiwanese good products can be provided by members of the association Entering the African market, promoting the development of Africa's agro-industry, and at the same time, it can also match manufacturers and traders to jointly develop the African market.

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