African Market Seminar

2022/04/13 2022/04/13 Seizing African Business Opportunities - Financial Support and Investment Tax Seminar

Export-Import Bank focuses on three countries in Central and Western Africa; Cameroon, Chad and Gabon ┬ Oh Seminar --- "Seize African Business Opportunities - Financial Support and Investment Tax Seminar" was held yesterday (April 12, 2022) ) in the afternoon at the Okura Jiuhe Hotel, No. 9, Section 9, Nanjing East Road, Taipei City, and it was successfully completed. Under the severe epidemic situation, it still attracted nearly a hundred people to participate.

The seminar was co-organized by the Export-Import Bank, the Taipei Import and Export Business Association, the Taiwan-Africa Economic and Trade Association, the Taiwan-Africa Industrial Development Association and the CPA Firm. Dai Dengshan, general manager of the Export-Import Bank, said that the Export-Import Bank is a good partner for export manufacturers to seize business opportunities in Africa - a series of seminars on financial support and investment taxation. This is the fifth time that the Export-Import Bank has held a seminar on the African market. 16 countries have been spoken. The purpose is to provide manufacturers with more information and find business opportunities in Africa, whether investing in factories or marketing transactions, to seek the largest niche.

Huang Huamin, chairman of the Taiwan African Economic and Trade Association, said that TABA is an association specializing in the African market. He pointed out that there are business opportunities everywhere in the African market from the perspective of the six major demand industries for food, clothing, housing, transportation, entertainment, and life. From the seminar, you can learn the know-how of operating the African market from the old drivers. These focuses include how to collect money, how to use the financial assistance of losing silver, and how to choose the investment country and so on.

Huang Wenrong, secretary general of the Taipei Import and Export Business Association, said that African countries have many natural resources. In addition to exporting and selling things, manufacturers can make more use of imported raw materials to create a win-win situation for each other.

There were four lecturers in the seminar, and two of them shared their practical experience in the industry. One was TAIDA Chairman Hong Qingzhong, who has been in Africa for more than 40 years. He introduced his footprints in Africa in the past and detailed the natural resources of West Africa. Hong Yufen, vice-chairman of the Taiwan-Africa Economic and Trade Association, made a thorough and comprehensive discussion and summary based on her 30 years of experience in operating the African market, the advantages and disadvantages of various payment methods and the difficulties encountered.

Liu Xinping, an accountant from Qinye Accounting Firm, who is familiar with the investment policies and tax laws of African countries, introduced the tax laws and regulations of Cameroon, Chad and Gabon in great detail. In addition, manager Zheng Xiuru, a lecturer from the Bank, explained financing business and export insurance business, so that enterprises can understand how to obtain funds and effectively avoid risks through government financial support while expanding their business in Africa.

In the end, the general manager Dai Dengshan presided over the dialogue. Hong Yufen appealed to manufacturers and partners not to be defeated by the epidemic. The African market has great business opportunities and continues to move forward. Even if Taiwan has entered the historical industry, it can continue to blossom and bear fruit in Africa, because Taiwan's products are cheaper than those in Europe and the United States, and the quality is better than that of emerging countries. The African market is worth cultivating.