TABA Activity Highlights

2022/03/19 2022/03/18 The first meeting of the sixth session of TABA Board of Directors and Supervisors

TABA Taiwan African Business Association held the first meeting of the 6th Council of Supervisors at 10:00 am yesterday (March 18) in the conference room on the third floor of the Import and Export Association Building on Songjiang Road. ㄧ it was  harmonious and a complete success.
During the meeting, in addition to reporting the results of the implementation of the resolutions of the last meeting , a number of proposals were also discussed.
The most important of which is the establishment of each functional groups, and the conveners and group leaders of each group put forward a project plan and a vision report.

The eight functional groups are:
— Regulatory Team
- Culture and propaganda team
- Business team
- Friendship group
- Internet Digital Team
- Innovation team
— Directory Team
- Charity group

Each functional group has a convener who has been gearing up to recruit new members months ago. And carry out group planning, individual group meetings, and formulate work content and responsibilities.
Therefore, the establishment of the functional team today has actually been planned and worked hard for a month. From the in-depth and meticulous reports of each team leader, we can get a glimpse of the clue, which symbolizes the new team of the association, it can be seen as a wonderful start as well.

In the meeting, the successive directors (the first and second session of Zhou Liaode, the third session of Wang Suying, and the fourth and fifth session of Sun Jeff) were given thanks as a fantasic, amazing crystal award, and the honorary chairman was awarded to Sun Jeff, thanking them for their selfless contributions to TABA during their tenure.
At the same time, through the appointment of 18 consultant candidates, and the joining of new members.
In the compact and enthusiastic speeches of the board of directors and supervisors, the meeting came to an end.
After the meeting, we moved to "Biantianzhuang" for dinner. The meal after the meeting of the board of directors and supervisors this time is of great significance. In addition to being the first time for the partners who participated in the 6th Joint Meeting of Directors and Supervisors to pay for themselves, they also invited Secretary-General Lin Fangmiao of the China International Trade Association, the consultant of the current association in China, and the fifth term that has not been renewed. of supervisors.

After a brief speech at the banquet, Chairman Huang issued a certificate of appreciation to the non-renewed directors and supervisors, thanking them for their hard work for the association in the past three years, and then issued a consultant certificate to the consultants of the association who attended, including Wen Yuxia Legislator, African Taiwanese Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce Jian Yongjie, Honorary Chairman of the African Taiwanese Chamber of Commerce Chen Qianhui, Chairman of the Ghana Taiwan Chamber of Commerce Zhou Linlin, Professor Chen Desheng of the National Center for National Relations of the National Chengchi University, and Chairman of Yuxi Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. Lin Mingren, I look forward to them contributing wisdom to the association, Do a lot of suggestions, let the association do more and better services for its members, and at the same time help the association to do useful things for Taiwan society.

可能是 6 個人、大家坐著和大家站著的圖像

可能是 7 個人、大家坐著和室內的圖像

Chairman Huang especially mentioned the kind deeds made by consultant Lin Mingren over the years. He donated donations in the name of the association twice a year to help disadvantaged schoolchildren in Zhongzheng District, Daan District and Xinyi District of Taipei City to solve the lunch problem. The office held a donation ceremony, and the chairman called on everyone to attend to demonstrate the association's enthusiastic participation in public welfare.

可能是 11 個人和大家站著的圖像

可能是 5 個人、大家站著和室內的圖像

The president of the banquet Zhongjian said that the African Taiwan Business Association and the Taiwan-Africa Economic and Trade Association should carry out substantial cooperation and exchanges, and have links on each other's websites, so that each other's members can know the supply and demand of products, and cooperate to create business opportunities and develop the African market. To achieve a win-win situation, even let each other's second generation participate in exchanges, and plan for sustainable management. The chairman and the chairman of the board of supervisors agreed on the spot, and looked forward to finding opportunities for each other to discuss in detail.

可能是 6 個人、大家站著、飲料和室內的圖像

可能是 2 個人和大家站著的圖像

可能是 2 個人、大家站著和室內的圖像

The meal was lively and warm. After the meal, the newly established business team immediately held a working meeting. The professionalism of the directors and supervisors who participated in the meeting was admirable.