TABA Activity Highlights

2022/02/25 2022/02/24 Visited Representative of Republic of Somaliland Representative Office in Taiwan

Chairman Huang Huamin of the Taiwan-African Business Association went to the Republic of Somaliland Representative Office in Taiwan at 2:00 pm yesterday (February 24th), accompanied by the three executive directors, to visit the representative of Somaliland. In addition to expressing a sincere welcome, the representative also explained in detail the important economic and trade significance of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Somaliland and Taiwan. Moreover, both of them have a pleasant meeting.

可能是 6 個人、大家站著和顯示的文字是「 Republic R of Somaliland Representative Office R in Taiwan 索馬利蘭共和國駐台灣代表處」的圖像

The representative of Somaliland pointed out that Somaliland is located besides the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden in the Indian Ocean. It is the geographic center of the Middle East, the African continent, and the southern European region on the other side of the Mediterranean. It is also a distribution center for goods entering and leaving Africa, the Middle East, and even Europe, with good logistics. facilities and a new international airport. In the past year, the Somali government has also introduced favorable conditions for attracting investment. As long as you are willing to invest in Somaliland and set up factories, Somaliland will provide free land, tax exemption for imported production machinery and equipment, and tax exemption for the first five years after setting up a factory. Hope to attract people interested in developing Africa Chinese people in the market can consider producing locally, not only in Africa, but also in the Middle East and Europe, getting tariff-free treatment, as well.

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Chairman Huang said that he would convey this information to the manufacturers of the association. He also suggested that a cooperation forum and economic and trade seminar should be held this year, and important people from the Somaliland business community would be invited to come to Taiwan to discuss cooperation. Travel to Somaliland for economic and trade activities. Yang Wuxuan, the executive director, also suggested that the representative office could organize Somalia's favorable policies for attracting investment into a book for publicity; Zhou Aipin, the executive director, also suggested that the detailed information of important manufacturers in all walks of life in Somalia should be provided to the association as soon as possible, and through the representative Both the Office and TABA came to match business opportunities.

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After more than an hour of meeting and discussion, the atmosphere was harmonious and warm, and the topic always revolved around how to enhance each other's business opportunities and cooperation. At the same time, we have also obtained a lot of information that is beneficial to the member manufacturers of the association. Members who are interested in investing in Somaliland or going to do business can arrange arrangements through the association for more details.

可能是 2 個人、大家坐著和室內的圖像