2022/02/16 2022/02/16 Visit Bureau of Foreign Trade, Ministry of Economic Affairs

Huang Huamin, chairman of the Taiwan-Africa Business Association, and members visited Jiang Wenruo, leader of the International Trade Bureau this morning (2/16). Looking for a plan for members to expand sales in Africa under the epidemic, trying to break through the current predicament. Both of them had a pleasant meeting and reached a successful conclusion.

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First of all, Director Jiang wholeheartedly welcomed the visit of TABA and his party, saying that he had interacted with TABA for a long time and understood TABA's painstaking efforts in operating the African market. She talked eloquently about her efforts over the past year and the numerous meetings she held with the trade association, all about the development of the African market, and now she has reached a conclusion. At the same time, there are a number of handling personnel such as the development group and the double-two group who are able to give detailed explanations on the business to be executed.

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Huang Huamin, chairman of TABA, said that due to the epidemic, member manufacturers were banned from Taiwan and could not go abroad for exhibitions and sales. Therefore, he hopes that the International Trade Bureau will provide assistance and guidance for the online digital exhibition.

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In addition, the vice chairman Hong Yufen, executive directors Zhou Liaode, Zhou Aiping, and Yang Wuxuan also made suggestions, such as: subsidies for overseas exhibitions, export insurance relief, and long-term LC interest relief for exporting and importing banks, Digital Trade Academy... . These proposals have all been clearly explained and valued by the Bureau of International Trade.