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2021/10/30 2021/10/30 Maasai man

2021/10/30 Maasai man
Almost all Maasai men are beautiful men, with an average height of 190 cm and a manly character. They want to pass the coming-of-age ceremony to kill a male lion and eat its flesh. The lion smelled the scent of the Maasai man from a distance and hurried away.
The Maasai live on cows. The first drink in the morning is the blood from the neck of the cow with a fine blade to quench thirst and welcome cow urine to wash your hair.
Participating in a tour group will definitely see the traditional dances of Masai men. You can jump vertically up and down to the height of one person.
The Maasai men attach great importance to the braiding of their hair. They are dressed in a one-piece long cloth with red stripes. He holds a thin hardwood stick in his left hand and a javelin in his right.
Both Tanzania and Kenya have Maasai people, and they often protect other disadvantaged minorities.