2021/09/21 2021/09/21 Kingdom of Swadini

2021/09/21 Kingdom of Swadini
A few days ago (9/16), His Majesty King Enshiva III of the Kingdom of Swadini, an African friend of our country, received the European Union Ambassador H.E. Dessislava Choumelova and accepted the letter of credential presented by her.
On the same day, he also received the newly arrived Swiss ambassador, Dr. H.E. Nicholas Bruhi, and accepted his letter of arrival.
The focus of the conversation with the female ambassador of the European Union was that the two sides agreed to strengthen the relationship between the State of History and the 27 EU countries for more than 50 years on the existing good foundation.
The two parties have cooperated well in the past on clean drinking water, education, health, agriculture and infrastructure. In the future, they will provide Shiguo's new crown vaccine through the COVAX mechanism.
With the Swiss ambassador, he emphasized that after the epidemic has slowed down, it will strengthen the tourism of Swiss tourists and promote the tax exemption negotiations between SACU and EFTA.
SACU is the "Southern African Tariff Community", composed of five countries including Swadini, South Africa, Namibia, Pozana and Lesotho.
EFTA is the "European Free Trade Association", composed of four countries including Switzerland, Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein.
Swadini is not a big country, but it is valued by the African Union. It is the "Southern Africa E-commerce Center" designated by the African Union. It also has good relations with EU member states over the past 50 years since its founding. The wide diplomatic space may help Taiwan.