2021/09/20 2021/09/20 Africa GDP Top 10 countries in Africa's GDP (IMF2021)

2021/09/20 Africa GDP
Top 10 countries in Africa's GDP (IMF2021)
, The GDP of the top 6 countries exceeds 100 billion U.S. dollars (100 billion).
1) Nigeria 🇳🇬-$514.05 billion Nigeria, the largest economy in Africa and the largest oil producer.
2) Egypt 🇪🇬-$394.28 billion
3) South Africa 🇿🇦-$329.53 billion South Africa. This is the only African country in the "Top 20 Industrial Countries" (G20) and "BRIC 5 Countries" (BRICS).
4) Algeria 🇩🇿-$151.46 billion Algeria is the largest country in Africa.
5) Morocco 🇲🇦-$124 billion The Kingdom of Morocco, and the Kingdom of Swadini are the only two kingdoms in Africa.
6) Kenya 🇰🇪-$106.04 billion Kenya, about to sign an FTA tax exemption agreement with the United States.
7) Ethiopia 🇪🇹- $93.97 billion Ethiopia, the largest agricultural country in Africa. The "Four African Dragons" topped the list.
8) Ghana 🇬🇭-$74.26 billion Ghana, second among the four African dragons. Cocoa production is second only to neighboring Ivory Coast.
9) Ivory Coast 🇨🇮-$70.99 billion Ivory Coast, third among the four African dragons. The world's largest production of cocoa.
10) Angola 🇦🇴-$66.49 billion Angola, formerly known as "Portuguese West Africa", now known as "Brazil of Africa", is Taiwan's largest trading partner in Africa. (Because of buying its crude oil).