2021/09/19 2021/09/19 South Sudanese students

2021/09/19 South Sudanese students
This young man is called Nelson, a South Sudanese, and his background is the restaurant where he works in Cairo. He is working and studying in Egypt.
In order to change his destiny, he had to work and study in a foreign country from a background of leaving his hometown, and he must be self-sufficient.
South Sudan became very poor due to war and turmoil from before independence to thirty years after independence. He also came from a poor family.
South Sudan is a Christian country, and Egypt is Islam. South Sudan is mainly black, Egypt is Arab...Different cultures, living habits and styles are different, and there are many difficulties.
His courage and endurance make us respect and optimistic about his future. And there are many such young people in Africa.
We are optimistic about the future young people in Africa, and wish Nelson, who has the same name as the great President Mandela, a dream come true and a successful career.