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2021/08/14 2021/08/14 8/15 Taiwanese Businessmen in AfricaMarket Development and Local Symbiosis Online Seminar

2021/08/14 (Sat) & 8/15 (Sun)
Taiwanese Businessmen in Africa~Market Development and Local Symbiosis Online Seminar
The African online seminar jointly organized by the Association and its members ~ National Chengchi University International Relations Research Center (Zhengda Guoguan) opened lively yesterday (8/14) and closed today.
The conference was opened by Deputy Director Yang Hao and Professor Chen Desheng of the National Customs Center. Chairman Tong Zhenyuan of the Overseas Chinese Affairs Committee and Professor Yan Zhensheng of Zhengda University (adviser of the Association) served as distinguished guests. Director Jiefu Sun will be the host of the session (1), introducing the speakers and interviewers of the theme 1/2/3.
In order to support the viewing of African Taiwanese businessmen, the entire conference was divided into the first/second half to be broadcast online on 8/14 (Sat) and 8/15 (Sun) from 15:00 to 17:30 Taiwan time. Taiwanese/African audiences enthusiastically participated.
The speakers/publishers/interviewers of the conference sessions (1) and (2) are all African industry and economics experts, sharing their professional fields, and the content is rich and substantial. The final session (3) was presided over by Xu Jiaqing, Vice Chairman of the Overseas Chinese Affairs Committee. Jiang Wenruo, Director of the International Trade Bureau, Yang Xinyi, Director of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and Qiu Huili, Director of the Foreign Trade Association, explained the government's Africa layout and future prospects.
Welcome everyone to watch the replay:
110/8/14 (Sat) first half

110/8/15 (Sun) second half