2021/07/02 2021/07/02 The 154th Canada Day

Yesterday (July 1) was the 100th anniversary of the Communist Party of China, and Hong Kong returned 24 years ago, but it was also the 154th Canada Day of Canada.
Because of the time difference, Taiwan is 7/2 today, but the whole of Canada is still immersed in the national joy of 7/1 National Day.
The second-largest country in the world, like Australia and New Zealand, has no president, only a prime minister, and still regards the Queen of England as its head of state.
There are 26 French-speaking countries in Africa. The French-speaking country with the largest population in the world is not France, but the Congo DRC in Central Africa. But when you count the number of French-speaking countries in the world, please don't miss Canada, and don't miss the independent Quebec. In Quebec, in addition to world-renowned companies such as Bombardier, which manufactures airplanes, several gold exploration companies are in Africa, especially French-speaking African countries.
Many of our association’s partners used to have deep feelings for Burkina Faso, the former largest friend country. The largest export project of Burkina Faso used to be raw cotton. Until some Canadian gold mining companies came to mine, the economic situation was changed. Now Burkina’s largest export project is gold. Years.
It can be said that Canada is greatly changing the appearance of Africa's economic and trade.
Happy Canada Day!