2021/06/21 2021/06/21 Gabon Republic

2021/06/21 Gabon Republic
The veteran Hollywood star, Samuel Jackson, who paid nearly US$90 million for his film, found his roots in Central Africa, Gabon in the Gulf of Guinea on the West Coast. He was welcomed, and Gabon’s passport was obtained by President Gabon.
Gabon is a rich country in Africa, rich in oil, 85% of the country is tropical jungle.
The average height of the Gabonese is the shortest in 55 countries in Africa, and the height of adult men from the main ethnic group, Begmi, is about 140 to 150 cm. Even its forest elephant is the smallest in the world, smaller than the Asian elephant.
However, Samuel is 189 cm tall, and his ancestors are not of this clan, but an alien Bantu clan.
There is a company in the United States "Finding the Roots" that specializes in helping celebrities find their roots in a scientific way. Hubi Gebo's ancestors are from Guinea-Bissau, Oprah's ancestors are from Guinea, and Kristak's ancestor, who played against Jackie Chan in the "rush hour", is from Cameroon. President Obama's grandfather lives in Kenya.
This article is dedicated to our friend, the Imam of the Taipei Mosque Jin Yuquan. His 73rd birthday today.