2021/06/19 2021/06/19 Father of Zambia passes away

2021/06/19 Father of Zambia passes away
The father and first president of Zambia, a landlocked country in south-central Africa (called "Zambia" on the mainland), and the first president, Kenneth Kaunda, passed away the day before yesterday (6/17) and lived in 97. This is the headline news in Africa. Following Mandela in South Africa and Mugabe in Zimbabwe, another respected African anti-colonial founding father died.
Zambia is the largest copper producer in Africa and the fourth largest copper producer in the world. It is a democratic country with more business opportunities and is also the most urbanized country in Africa. Half of the population lives in cities.
There are enthusiastic and successful Taiwanese businessmen, but there is no Taiwanese business association.
Similar to most East African countries, a large part of their economy is in the hands of Indian families who have been in East Africa for 100 years.
Zambia is a Christian country, the priesthood is high and influential.
Zambia was called Northern Rhodesia before independence, and Zimbabwe was called Southern Rhodesia.
Rest in peace KK.