2021/05/24 2021/05/24 There are two Congoles in Africa.

There are two Congoles in Africa. One is the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the second largest African country in terms of territory. DRC (Democratic Republic of Congo) for short, is the world's largest French-speaking country, larger than France. It used to be a Belgian colony. Chinese abbreviated as "DRC", the capital is Kinshasa.
The other is the Republic of Congo on its left, formerly a French colony. Chinese abbreviated as "Congo cloth", the capital of Brazzaville.
The above two Congo are the second of the nine countries in Central Africa.
The Democratic Republic of the Congo has established a Taiwanese Chamber of Commerce, and the founding chairman Mr. Yang Wenyu is the consultant of the Association.
At 7pm local time the day before yesterday, MountGongo of the Nyiragongo volcano in North Kivu, the eastern province of the Democratic Republic of Congo, erupted. Two million people in Goma, the capital of the province, brought quilts and household belongings to help the old and the young on foot Luanda in the neighboring country to the east.
Volcano erupts in eastern Democratic Congo, neighbouring Ayutthaya Goma ordered to evacuate