2021/05/22 2021/05/22 The tallest human being- Manut Bol

There is a tribe in South Sudan called Dinka. This tribe is the tallest human being in the world. People up to 7 feet tall are everywhere.
The tallest player in NBA history is Manut Bol from South Sudan. He is well-known. He is 7 feet and 7 inches tall, which is equal to 231 cm.
Before leaving South Sudan, he, like most of the tribe, had no education, and his only work experience was cattle grazing. At the age of 17, he stabbed to death a male lion that ate his cow by himself.
He later went to the United States to play in the NBA and was a legend, especially in his record of blocking offense and covering hot pot.
He almost donated most of his income to the displaced compatriots in his country, and he is a great philanthropist.
He died of kidney disease in 2010 and lived at 47. The following year, the Republic of South Sudan succeeded in independence in 2011.