The purpose of establishing Taiwan-Africa Business Association (TABA) is to facilitate companies which are interested in African markets and can take full advantage of this platform to exchange information and share experience about African business activities. TABA looks forward to integrating all resources of government agencies and private sectors to explore African market in more effective ways.
TABA maintains good relationship with many Africa relative government agencies, external trade councils & commerce institutes, traders and investors, such as all African embassies to Taiwan, the South Africa Liaison Office in Taipei, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Africa Taiwan Economic Forum as well as all its members.
The main function of TABA is to promote and improve trade and investment relations among Taiwan and African countries, and in the same-time to convey a message to Taiwan business community that Africa is an attractive business and development new territory to Taiwan. In addition to organize trade and investment missions to African countries, we also hold African market seminars in cooperation with relevant government agencies and business associations.
The focus of TABA will be on the following key priorities:
  1. Promoting and improving trade and investment relations between Taiwan and Africa
  2. Promoting Africa as an attractive business and development new area to Taiwan.
  3. Cultivating and promoting a favorable and positive image for Taiwan traders, commerce situation and business field to African people (including the promotion of business and international trading & investment exchange )
  4. Encouraging co-operation in the field of all economics & commerce related industries
  5. Entrenching bilateral relations and business trading information with Taiwan & Africa.
Taiwan-Africa Business Association (TABA) 
7C02, 7F Exhibition Hall, TWTC 5, Hsin-Yi Road, Sec.5, Taipei 110, Taiwan, R.O.C.
TEL : 886-2-2723-3308    FAX : 886-2-2720-0822
E-mail :
Chairman : Mr. Frank Huang