African Market Seminar

2022/04/27 111/04/26 Attention! Central and West Africa Symposium

"Master Lectures! Central and Western Africa Seminar" was held at 2:00 p.m. yesterday (4/26) in Room 101 of the Taipei International Convention Center. Despite the epidemic, manufacturers were still actively attending, and Q&A discussions were lively.

The following press release cites TAITRA's Africa Business Network. Manufacturers who missed the opportunity to go to the venue yesterday can also link to the following YOUTUBE to watch online!

"In order to help our business to enter the African market, the Foreign Trade Association and the International Trade Bureau of the Ministry of Economic Affairs held a market briefing session in Central and West Africa in a combination of virtual and real on April 26, 111, focusing on Nigeria, Ghana, Ivory Coast and Congo (Kinshasa), Chen Shufang, President of the Nigeria-Taiwan Chamber of Commerce Federation, and Hong Yufen, General Manager of Dongqi Xingye, who has 30 years of experience in expanding sales in Central and West Africa, were invited to share their practical experience. Nigerian Commercial Office in China was also invited. Director Mai De, Chairman Huang Huamin of the Taiwan-Africa Business  Association and the speakers gave a Q&A. The event attracted more than 60 industry participants and more than 300 viewers to watch online. The original 20-minute Q&A period was also cancelled due to the overwhelming response from the audience. It was extended to 1 hour, and the topics covered investment, sales expansion and culture. It is obvious that manufacturers have great interest in the central and western African markets!

Zeng Yuyun, secretary of the International Trade Bureau of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, said in his speech that my country's trading partners in central and western Africa are mainly Nigeria, Ghana, Ivory Coast and other countries. The trade between my country and the central and western regions is complementary. This region imports machinery and finished products from my country and exports raw materials to my country. With the global division of labor changing from high efficiency to high reliability, Taiwan can be a reliable trading partner in the region.

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Chen Shufang, president of the Nigerian Taiwan Chamber of Commerce, said that if manufacturers want to find business opportunities in Nigeria, they can try to integrate into local life and participate in various weddings and funerals held by locals, so as to explore their needs and find business opportunities. General Manager Hong Yufen of Dongqi Xingye shared his experience in sales expansion, collection and risk avoidance. General Manager Hong said that the African region has huge demographic dividends and natural resources, and has great potential, but manufacturers should also pay attention to and avoid risks at all times. If our company wants to operate in the central and western African markets, it is still recommended to give priority to quality and not price-oriented. We can also consider setting up local production bases, and at the same time, we can seize business opportunities by cooperating with other Taiwanese manufacturers.

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Well-known enterprises such as ANKO Machinery, Tailong Industry, Yongguang Chemical, etc. attended the seminar, and the on-site interaction was very lively. TAITRA has organized two African market seminars this year. In the second half of the year, East Africa and North Africa will be targeted for seminars. In view of the slowdown of the global epidemic, the trade association plans to hold a physical exhibition of "Kenya Taiwan Week" overseas for the first time in September, in order to increase the visibility of my country's industries in Eastern Africa. Taiwan Week will also lead manufacturers to expand markets in East African countries in conjunction with sales expansion groups, helping manufacturers grasp business opportunities and dividends in Africa. "

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