TABA Activity Highlights

2022/02/15 2022/02/14 Chat over coffee with Director Ye Rencheng of the Trade Association in Cairo

On the afternoon of February 14th,Taiwan Africa Business Association (TABA ) held a coffee business symposium with member manufacturers and Director Ye Rencheng at BUNA CAF'E, which located on the Xinyi Road of Taipei City. The scene was warm , and it was unexpectedly successful.

During the short period of private time, Director Ye took special time to brief the introduction to members about the  manufacturers and the  business situations in Egypt. Since the outbreak of the epidemic, manufacturers cannot go to Egypt to expand sales, and the market is volatile. Director Cairo Ye took the opportunity to return to Taiwan for the Chinese New Year holiday, and the deducted isolation time was extremely limited. However, Director Ye still knows everything, talks about everything, and talks about Egypt's transformation, from Cairo, New Cairo, to New Capital (the new capital), the development and changes of various cities, the rise of the new port Sokhna , and the practices including Cargo and the documents, etc. Members acquired a lot during the special time.

Member Yang Furong said that, Director Ye believes that the promotion of purely buying and selling trade in the Egyptian market in the past is no longer feasible. It is bound to concentrate resources and cooperate to establish a base locally and radiate the market of neighboring countries in order to gain a foothold.

This symposium is totally wonderful. It was originally a personal appointment between Zhou Liaode's founding chairman and Director Ye. In order to respond to the new chairman Huang Huamin's philosophy - "the intention of finding business opportunities for members", it was expanded after discussion by the executive director and supervisors group. Participation for member manufacturers. What is touching is that the director of Zhou Chuanghui also pays for the members out of his own pocket.

可能是 6 個人、大家坐著和室內的圖像

From the past to the present, TABA has always remain a commendable tradition. The successive directors, Zhou Liaode, Susan Wang and Sun Jiefu, all contributed money and efforts to run the association. At present, the board of directors and supervisors to which Chairman Huang Huamin belongs, is here, always thinking about making profits for member manufacturers.

(Source of news and photos: Zhou Liaode, Chen Meifang, Yang Furong, thanks together.)