2021/07/03 2021/07/03 African Beer

2021/07/03 African Beer
Many countries in Africa have their own beer, which is generally of superior quality and the aroma of wheat is particularly strong and pure. Should not be missed.
There is a legend in our ancients that when we arrived in a foreign country, we suffered from unacceptable water and soil. The solution was to drink local water.
But it is not easy for us business people to drink local water, and it is quite scary. The solution is to drink local beer. The local national beer must be brewed with the best local water. On the one hand, it solved the problem of water and soil, and on the other hand, it was possible to taste the unique beer of African countries, leaving a memory for the tip of the tongue. Kill two birds with one stone.
The picture attached is the Gili Mazaro beer from Tanzania, a major country in East Africa. Before the First World War, Tanzania was a German colony, and the entire region of Gili Mazaro, the highest peak in Africa, was in Tanzania. The local residents are the famous Maasai tribe. The men have an average height of 1.9 meters. They wear a red robe. They hold a spear in their left hand and a stick in their right. They have a sharp blade at their waist. The ceremony of coming-of-age is to stab a lion in their hands. They are the only humans that the lion king fears.
Tanzania is the second largest agricultural country in Africa after Ethiopia. Serengeti is the starting point of animal migration. President Huang of the Taiwan Chamber of Commerce is a consultant to Africa for the Taiwan-Africa Economic and Trade Association. He facilitated this year's cooperation agreement with Tanzania's largest Tanzanian Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture to provide services for members of the two countries.
On business trip to Tanzania, don’t forget to have a nice cold beer bottle of Gili Mazzaro!