2021/05/29 2021/05/29 Mugabe, Father of Zimbabwe

2021/05/29 Mugabe, Father of Zimbabwe
The founding fathers/presidents of Zimbabwe and South Africa, the two major powers in southern Africa, are Mugabe and Mandela. They are leaders of the same generation and are often compared.
After struggling with the former white government to establish the country, Mandela said "Let's forget and forgive." He advocated peace. But Mugabe said "Let's kill them." The armed revolution caused tens of thousands of deaths.
There is a world of difference between the world's opinions on the two people's coffin. Mandela is a great man of a generation and won the Nobel Peace Prize. After being president and dictator for 37 years, Mugabe announced that he would run for re-election at the age of 93, and he would be president until he was 100 years old.
Although South Africa is often criticized for poor public security, it is still the top power in Africa and Taiwan’s largest trading partner in Africa. Zimbabwe, which used to be on par with South Africa, had the "African Bread Basket", and 90% of its grains were available for export. Zimbabwe, on the contrary, had to import 90% of its grains.
So Mugabe's famous complacency quote in the photo is not practical. After driving away the former white farm owner in Southern Rhodesia and returning the land to the blacks, production plummeted and the country went bankrupt. He was also ousted by a coup at the age of 93 and died in Singapore two years later.